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Tamisha is a native of Charleston, South Carolina and has a passion for leading youth in a positive direction. She is a graduate of Springfield College where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and a graduate of Clemson University where she received MS degree in Youth Development Leadership. In school, her future careers spanned from a teacher to a cosmetologist. However, through life experiences she was led to working with children, as a mentor, and being a teacher of life. Currently, she is the co-owner (along with my husband) of a Network Communications company. She is also a contractor for a local counseling agency. She accepted a position on the board of directors for THH, because she believes in the mission of empowering and educating individuals within the community. She also believes strongly in community service and giving back to others. Tamisha is the mother of 3 beautiful children, Kayla, Tamera and Ramone and the wife of Albert. She is also fur mom to their dog, Cisco. Tamisha knows that "Anything worth having is worth working for."

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